Monday, June 1, 2015

Last day...

{This was written on Sunday, but I didn't get the pics loaded until today…}

Just like that...kindergarten is over!!  Friday was Connor's last day!  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was a ball of nerves sending my baby off!  He's young for his class...will he be ok?  Everyone told me I need to hold him back since he's a gut told me he'd be ok, but was my gut wrong?  Would he do well making new friends?  What will his teacher be like?  Let me tell you, I could not have asked for a better year for that kid.  His teacher is FABULOUS.  Her classroom had a dog theme (in particular she is a lab lover), so that made him feel right at home from the beginning.  And she is just awesome…like I think we could be friends outside of school!  Ha!!  He did great fitting in…socially and academically.  He is a bit of a social butterfly, and he picked up on/exceeded on the learning activities they did.  All in all, it was a great year.  Already praying for next year to be another good one for him!  He told me he hopes he gets a teacher that gives homework!  Ha!  I love his love for learning.

FIELD DAY FUN!  Little Mr. Competitive (not sure where he gets THAT from…ha!!) won two games of Capture the Flag or "Scarf Tag" as they called it!

It was actually pretty chilly that day…the kids were laying on the black top trying to warm up!

COLD after getting sprayed by the fire truck!  Who would have thought it'd be so chilly in late May?!

I took off work for the day, so we went to the Aquatic Center after school…just the two of us!

Donuts with Mom.  I took him to school that morning, and they had donuts for the kids/moms.  Walking in, we were holding hands in the parking lot.  As we approached the school he dropped my hand…apparently it's not cool for an almost 6 year old to hold his mom's hand!  {tear}  At least I know he'll still snuggle with me!

Some beginning and end of year comparisons…(there is a single flower in the second picture that got cut off!)
 First and last day!
 Abby's newborn shoot vs. now…I see more of a difference here due to his haircut.  This is about 12 months difference...

Friday was also "last days" for Abby and Levi, too.  They will both transition to new rooms at their school tomorrow!  Abby will be leaving the baby room and heading to the toddler room.  They all nap on cots (once a day), and eat snacks and meals at a little table family style.  They start using open cups in this room, and even some kids start pouring their own drinks!  She will be in the room that Levi started in when we moved here.  The rooms are designated by color, and at this age there is a Maroon and an Orange room.  Thankfully, she is in the maroon!  (c:  Levi will be moving up to the green room. He will most likely be in this room until he goes to kinder in two years!  I am nervous about his transition, as he absolutely loves his current teachers.  We'll see how it goes.  We have been talking it up, and he got to visit the new room last week, so fingers crossed all goes well.

Friday night was a "graduation" ceremony for Abby and Levi.  Actually, it's really a school wide fundraiser/end of year celebration with a graduation ceremony for those going to kinder.  There is a silent auction, drinks and desserts, and each class sings a song.  It's pretty cute!

UPDATE:  Both Abby and Levi had rough drop offs (poor daddy!), but got great reports at the end of the day!  Hopefully drop off improves!

And just a couple more pics from our Memorial Day weekend!

Took a trip to a state park nearby.  We went on a hike, followed by a swim and playing on the "beach"

It was a beautiful weekend, so that night I took them camping (in the front yard!)

Little Miss in her festive attire.  She had just woken up and wasn't thrilled about posing for a pic!