Tuesday, July 14, 2015

First Tri!

I did a Triathlon back in May.  I signed up fairly last minute and was in no shape to be doing it, but I finished, which is all I wanted.  And, I had a super cute group supporting me, which made all the transitions fun!  Anyway, after that, Connor wanted to do a race himself.  We looked it up, and there is actually a kids triathlon right here in town.  It was several weeks away, so we had plenty of time to get ready.  He perfected his bike riding and improved his swimming leading up to the big weekend.  He was super excited!  Because he has a late birthday, he was still in the youngest category -- the 4 and 5 year olds.  This means he did a 25 yard swim, half mile bike and quarter mile run.  There were only 6 kiddos in his division.  This was a new (and fun) experience for us.  A couple things I wasn't sure about going into it…4 out of the 6 kids in his group used a life jacket or puddle jumper and had training wheels on their bikes.  I don't know why that surprised me, but it did.  They also had "shadows" you could request for your kiddo to help them with each stage.  Well, we didn't know this until late the night before, so we hadn't signed up for anything.  Connor was the only one without a shadow in the pool.  He did fine, but seeing that made me a little nervous.

He was SO excited about the big day!  Clay took him early so they could scope everything out and walk through how it all works, and I met them with the littles closer to race time.  When they said "GO" at the swim, pretty sure Connor was the only one who jumped in…ha!  He started out strong in the swim, but got tired and flipped on his back a couple of times to catch his breath. I honestly think part of that was because he was laughing!  He finished the swim portion second.  He ran out of the pool to the transition area to get dressed for the bike portion.  This took a little time.  It was hard as a mom to stand there and watch and not go help him dry off and quickly get his shoes on, etc.  He passed the one girl ahead of him on the bike portion, but they had a little bit of a collision (no injuries!) coming back into the transition area, and she started the run ahead of him.  He walked once or twice on the run (he would never listen to me when I suggested he try running after riding his bike for a while…your legs feel weird!), but he finished strong!  He had a lot of fun, and immediately started asking about the next race.  I was so proud of him!  I love his little spirit!

(A friend of ours had an older kiddo, so she got some pics of C starting the swim while waiting for her kiddo to start!!)

Pre-race stretching!

All smiles!

And he's off!!

Still smiling!

Taking a breather...

First leg down!

(And the rest of the pics are with my phone…I wish I could have Tanya shadow me at all my kids' activities!)


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Yep. Still here...

Well, hello there. Yes, we are still alive.  We have survived 4 extremely busy weeks and are back to reality.

Very high level, here is what the last 4 weeks looked like for us:  The second week of June, Clay was in Colorado for several days for a meeting.  Once he came home, I left town and went to Morgantown for work for most of the week.  I came home late Thursday night, and Clay’s work friend flew in from France Friday night.  He stayed with us through Wednesday!  His trip overlapped with Vacation Bible School for me and the kids.  I was in charge of snacks for ~100 kiddos.  The day after VBS ended, we headed to Texas!  I stayed in Conroe with the kiddos, while Clay, my dad and my brothers all went to Alaska to go fishing!  We stayed busy every day between tennis lessons, swimming and catching up with a few friends.  The big boys caught enough fish to bring home over 200 pounds of it!  We got home last night just in time to catch the last 3/4ths of the Women’s World Cup…although we missed a lot of the crazy excitement from USA’s early 4 goals!!  What a fun and exciting win for the US Women!!

It makes me tired writing all that out, so I’ll just let the pictures/captions tell the story better.  

These have nothing to do with the last 4 weeks I just wrote about, but they are from Connor's end of year party from Tball!

Enjoying the sunshine and water play!!

Water bomb fight!!

Pretty girl ready for church!


I don't know that I ever got a pic of her actually WEARING this dress, so here it is when I finished it!

Just a little swinging before bed time when daddy was in Colorado!

Seriously, slow down growing up, Abby!  Before I know it, she'll REALLY be driving!

Umm...really?  13 months and climbing up the ladder to the fort?!  Nooooooo!

We made donuts.  Sadly they looked better than they tasted!  If anyone has a good recipe to share, I now have a donut pan!

Park time!  Again, showing her independence and big girl self climbing up the play set and going down the slide all by herself.  She does have two big brothers to keep up with, I guess!

More pool time!

Mommy made it home from MGW to get the kiddos to bed!  (c;

VBS snacks day one.  "Blast to the Past" theme...this was supposed to be a rocket ship/time machine.  Hindsight, the two bottom triangles should have been cut again to make smaller triangles (and use less cheese!)

PJ day at VBS!

Fishers of Men snack!

C and his buddy Easton who joined him for VBS!

Umm...yeah, that's a lot of popcorn!!

FOGGY drive to the airport!

Don't be surprised if you start seeing the fashion trend around that Levi started on our trip!  Haha!

Excellent travel companions!!

Family pic in the pool before Daddy left the next day to go to Alaska!!


Connor and his GF before Tennis camp the first day!

Visiting Great Grandma!

Four generations of ladies…Good photography by Connor!  (c:

"Mom!  Take my picture!"

Children's Museum with our friends, Kelly, Garrett and Miles!

This girl had so much fun at the museum!

Connor and Garrett put on a play.

Someone loved her tutu!  She wore it until we left!

Little fish!

Already a fan of soccer!  Good girl!

One of my longest friends!!  We go way back!  I love it that Connor and Sage acted like they had known each other as long as Keri and I have.  They had a blast playing together and I enjoyed catching up with Keri!

This big kid told me his ear hurt.  I thought for sure he had swimmer's ear from being in and out of the pool so much.  I went ahead and took him in -- middle ear infection, not related to swimming.  He was sick at Grandma's two years ago, too!


Last day of Tennis Camp…look how sweaty Connor is after one hour of camp! Hard worker!  (Or, just not used to the Texas heat!  Ha!)

Trying out my Lifeproof case!  Worked!

Home at last! Watching the World Cup Finals…bummed we missed the beginning, as it was SUPER exciting!!  Great win, USA!!