Tuesday, August 18, 2015


We decided we needed a break from our normal weekends.  We had some friends going camping next weekend, but due to Connor's birthday, we couldn't go then. But, we decided to check out the place they are going to ourselves!

It wasn't perfect, but it was a GREAT weekend.  My one complaint was that the campsites were really small and close together.  Pretty sure Clay really wanted to turn around and go home when we got there.  We had a brand new tent, which we had never set up before.  I took the kids on a walk so they would be out of his hair, and apparently the lady next to us made a comment to her husband about him not knowing how to set up the tent.  Funny now (but wasn't then!)  (It's an 8 person tent and although looks pretty complex at first, turned out to be pretty easy!)  While we were on a walk, I noticed a different campsite across the way, which was a bit more spacious and private.  At the risk of Clay not speaking to me for the rest of the weekend, I suggested we move sites.  He was not thrilled with the idea, but went along with it.  And, we were both SO GLAD we did…the new site worked out so well. (c:

Our first night was a bit of a late one for the kiddos, but we had camping nachos and s'mores.  YUMMY!  Everyone crashed hard and slept well!  On Saturday, we went hunting for Fairy Stones, which are a special rock found in the area.  We weren't really sure what we were looking for, so we didn't really have any luck, but it was fun.  After lunch, we headed to the lake to swim.  We had Aggie with us, and unfortunately, she was not allowed on the beach, so one of us had to stay with her, while the others went swimming.  So, that was a bit of a bummer, but the beach and swimming area were fabulous!  We had hotdogs for dinner that night, and all the kids crashed early.  As we were finishing dinner, Aggie kept getting up and pulling on her leash towards the tent.  We took her on a walk thinking she needed to go potty, but figured out she just wanted to go to bed!  Lol!  She was tuckered out!

Sunday morning, we packed up and headed home.  It was a great weekend.  Abby was a trooper walking on the trails (up and downhill!).  The boys didn't ask for the iPad one time.  We enjoyed nature.  We enjoyed each other.  It was a lot of work, and we had our stressful moments, but I can't wait to go again!

Abby fell asleep on the way home from Fairy Stone hunting, so we stopped to check out another park.  It had some BEAUTIFUL views of the lake!

A natural.  Lol! I can't get enough of this picture. 

Getting ready to swim.  Levi is in the process of saying "I love you" not flashing a gang sign!  Haha

Relaxing before dinner

Homegirl put away 4 tomato slices before dinner!

Little Princess fell asleep by the campfire!  


Monday, August 17, 2015

Brotherly love

I think I mentioned a while back that the boys asked for bunk beds, and we happened to be able to convert Levi's bed, so we did!  Well, that have been sharing a room since, and it has worked really well.  (We have plenty of room for them to each have their own room, but they are choosing to share!)  Most nights they go to bed no problem.  Tonight, though, they were being a bit silly.  I heard them laughing and even sneak out of bed.  I didn't really do much other than tell them to go to bed over the monitor.  They quieted down a bit, although I could hear them chattering for a while.  When I looked at the monitor later, I noticed Levi was not in bed.  I assumed he had gotten on top with Connor!  I went up to check on them, and they were snuggled up in a little Elmo chair/couch thing, both passed out.  I love their little relationship!!

Moments like these make up for the bickering they often do!  (c;