Sunday, September 27, 2015

A funk.

I have been in a bit of a funk for a few weeks.  I don't know what it is, but it's been a lot of just going through the motions.  I heard some bad news from a couple of dear friends which really got me down, some other disappointing news, traveling for both of us, with some under the weather kiddos (human and furry!) thrown in there.  Then, it rained for nearly 72 hours straight since Friday!  But, I look back, and despite the funk, I am truly happy.  And truly blessed.  That being said, here are just a couple of quick things about the kiddos, as well as some pics...

-We were talking in the car, and I mentioned that I had burned my finger cooking dinner.  A few minutes later, Levi told me he was sad.  I asked him why, and he said "Because you burned your finger!"  Sweet boy.

-Abby gives the best hugs right now.  And the things she can comprehend and do are amazing.

-Connor's class was reading a story the other day and it mentioned a stable.  His teacher stopped and asked if anyone knew what a stable is.  Apparently, his hand shot up, and he said "That's where Jesus was born!"

Sister rockin' the swimsuit the last weekend of summer.

Connor insisted on being buried in the sand at the pool!

What?  You don't eat yogurt by the fistful?

I don't know if I am ready for this, but I am also not stopping it.  She asks and is successful using the potty multiple times a day!  If anyone has advice on early potty training, send them my way!

Snuggles at soccer practice after being gone for 4 days.

Miss Adventurous!  She was about to slide down...

But Mommy said that wasn't a safe choice.  (Such a mean Mommy!)

Oh you know…just getting ready to go swim.

 Pooped after going to the deer lease with Daddy!  I love his boots...

 Before bed snuggles!

Mr. Pink Eye and I got our first Hot Chocolate of the season when we were at Target for his Rx.

Connor and Easton's cheering squad…there was a slight break in the rain!

Levi and his girlfriend!

Stop looking so big!!

Thanks and Gig 'Em!


Monday, September 7, 2015


I have yet again let a few weeks go by on the ol' blog.  We have been super busy (again), so it gets the back burner.  But, I like to be able to go back and see what we were up to, so I'll try to recap again.

The biggest thing is that Connor turned SIX.  How in the world do we have a six year old?!  Wasn't he just born?  We celebrated his birthday with friends on his actual birthday this year.  He requested a Skylander theme.  I don't go all out on themes (decorations), but I will do the invite and cake to theme.  And if I can get my hands on them (thanks, mom!), I'll get plates to go along with it, too.  So, when he told me Skylanders, I immediately turned to Google/Pinterest because I was clueless!!  At that time, he had never even played the games, but he had some books, so he knew the characters, etc.  And, in the meantime, we had our dear friends, the Lindsay Family, come visit, and they gifted him tons of Skylanders to more than kick off his collection!  The cake I ended up doing was pretty dang involved, but I think it turned out pretty dang cool, and so did he, so it was totally worth it!!  We rented a bounce house (the "Ninja Challenge" which we tied to his other favorite thing…American Ninja Warrior!)  The weather was fabulous, and I think he had a fabulous birthday!

Just a few tidbits about our little guy at this age:
-He LOVES first grade.  He's a great reader and is reading chapter books, but his favorite subject in school is math.  He loves that he gets homework.
-He has lost three teeth!  He is exactly 4 feet tall and weighed in at ~60 lbs.
-He loves sports.  He hasn't found a favorite, though, and wants to play everything.  Right now, though, we are just doing soccer.
-He plays so well with other kids, and plays well (most of the time!) with Levi.  They have great imaginations together.
-He is a sensitive kiddo and hates to get in trouble.  He's still my little snuggler.

I could go on and on about this kiddo, because honestly he's a pretty cool kid, but I won't do that to you.  (c:

THE CAKE!  I hated cutting it...

Fried ice cream to celebrate his birthday eve at "Salsa Bar"

Showing off one of his gifts…a cool lego set.  And yes, he is wearing PJs, but has his hair "styled".

Random family picture before church!  (c:

Balloon Bonanza…FAIL.  Definitely not worth the money!