Saturday, November 14, 2015


So, it's been 2 weeks since Levi's birthday (and three since his party!) and I haven't posted about it yet! We had his party the weekend before his birthday, since he shared his weekend with Halloween.  Like last year, we had his party at the local aquatic center, since we cannot count on the weather to do anything outdoors.  The kids had a blast, and I am not going to lie…it's pretty nice to have someone else do all the set up and clean up!  We went with a UPS theme, since he is obsessed with the "box man" and was planning to be him for Halloween, too.  I had a lot of fun making his invitation, although I think it confused some people…haha!  Oops.

My attempt at a UPS cake/man.  The man is kinda creepy, I know, but Levi specifically asked for a man, and I could not find one to buy anywhere!  Ha!  

We added a few other Halloween-ish items...

We went simple on party favors and gave Pumpkin Poop!  The kids thought it was hilarious.

Someone was quite excited!

Never a dull moment with this kid...

The UPS uniform was replaced with jammies!


We went to the "fire place" (aka the Hibachi) for his birthday dinner.  Levi is not a big eater at all…he pretty much just eats the soup there, but loves the show, so we obliged with his request.  Plus, the rest of us love it.

Spoiler alert for those of you who are owed one…these are his thank yous, which I also need to finish up.  Oops.  Slacker mom here.

Levi, you are such a fun little kiddo.  You are silly, but have such a sweet and kind heart.  You may push the limits, but your sweet moments definitely outweigh your challenging ones.  You are such good buddies with your brother and sister.  You have an awesome imagination and can easily keep yourself entertained.  Thank you for being you.  We love you!!!
Love, Mommy and Daddy


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Where'd you go, October?!

Just like that, October flew by before my eyes.  Clay and I both had birthdays, we had two weekends of visitors, and we had a blast on Halloween / Levi's birthday eve.  Here's a little walk down memory lane from phone pics...

I don't remember if I posted the one yet, but C lost his second front tooth.  He hates when I sing the "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" song to him.

We were trying on costumes one day, and Abby was upset she didn't have a ninja costume, too!

She looked pretty darn cute as a bumble bee, though!

Sweet snuggles!

Another costume

Headed to Target in jammies and boots!

Practicing our fine motor skills and making Fruit Loop necklaces.

Caramel apple nachos...DELISH!

The finished the puzzle together!

Connor used to play with these at Miss Julie's.  She gifted them to us at some point, and I am happy to report, they still get played with!

Loving on her baby!

Connor got to go hunting with his dad!  Sadly, he didn't feel well...his coughing may have scared all the deer away!  They did see one buck, but it was too far away.

Princess showing off the Halloween shirt Grandma made!

Rascals love playing in the crib.  As long as they don't teach her to climb out!!  (Knock on wood...)

Apparently washer and dryers are super fun, but only at the store!

Grass stained knees = good day outside!

More baby hugs!

Birthday flowers!

Yeah, we were that family with three kids at the Beer Festival.

Brew Do had a homebrew competition.  CLAY WON FIRST OVERALL!!  All three of my boys were so super was cute. But, the best part about it is that one of the local breweries is going to brew his beer and have it on tap!  How cool!!

Had to document that she kept a clip in her hair for 5 seconds.  (Allison and Amanda -- does this outfit look familiar?!  She wore it the same weekend as your girls, too!)

I just loved the lighting showing her baby blues!

 Bobbing for apples at a Halloween party.  He cheated the first time and grabbed the stem!

Cheering on her brothers at soccer...and looking way too big!
Someone has been interested in the potty lately.  This particular night, though, I think she was just interested in delaying bedtime!  

We are all looking...WIN!  haha

Levi loves the "Box Man" aka the UPS man. He let him scan his own package!

Little Miss trick-or-treating at one house.  We had a couple of families over, then met up with one more to go out.  Abby had barely napped that day, so she passed out in the stroller.  She woke up as we got home, then we were up way too late!  But, I loved having daylight savings the next day...we were able to adjust seamlessly with staying up super late!

All the boys!  We have brainwashed taught our friends' kid about the Aggies and that's what he wanted to be for Halloween!  I loved it!  Levi is a UPS man, and the three on the right are all various ninjas!

I'll post about L's birthday in a separate times!