Friday, December 18, 2015

The Man in the Red Suit

Connor's school has a craft fair the first weekend in December.  I had yet taken the kids to see Santa, but didn't want to cough up the money for a mall Santa!  Then I remembered there had been a Santa at this event last year.  After confirming his presence, I loaded up the kids and headed over.  They aren't in any super cute outfits, but they were all festive, so we are good to go.  I have failed to mention Clay is out of town, so I am attempting this solo.  Could be fine, but could also not be!  Ha!!

Anyway, I am so excited with the pics we got.  There was no line at all.  The first attempt went a little like this...

We left and I was ok with what we got because I actually enjoy the crying pics.  He gave the kids a candy cane and we walked around to see the booths.  However, Levi asked to go see him again.  I said we could walk by, but since there wasn't a line, we asked if we could do individual pics.  The boys went first and Abby kinda hung back.  But, after watching her brothers, she decided she wanted in on the action.  I am so glad we went back, because although the first pic was classic, I love the second round we got, too!  By the end of it, Abby was asking for "more" Santa!

PS  The opinions of clothing has started…she INSISTED on these boots instead of her cute silver ones.  Oh well!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015


{This post is way overdue…I was waiting to get pics off my old phone!}

We enjoyed 5 "stay home" days for Thanksgiving.  We didn't travel.  We didn't have company.  While we love both those things, it was nice to lay low for once!  Plus, our dear friends invited us to dinner, so we didn't even have to cook! Win!!

Schools were closed Wednesday, so I took the day off.  After getting Abby to bed Tuesday, Connor and I left the littles with dad and we went to the camp before hunting Wednesday morning.  It was such a fun time the two of us.  Conor had been s couple of times with his dad, so he could "show me the ropes" a bit.  He was also sure to point out if I did anything different than how daddy does it!  Haha!  Wednesday we had a chilly morning of hunting, but no luck.  We had planned to me Clay and the littles at the cabin.  We hung out there for a bit, then I took the kiddos home for lunch and nap while Clay had to make a stop.  I won't go into details, but my attempted short cut turned into two car sick kiddos!  )c:

Thursday, as mentioned, we had dinner at our friends house.  They have a girl two weeks older than Abby and a boy a few months older than Connor.  Levi generally does well playing with both pairs..pretty sure there is a little crushing between Savena and Levi!  Lol.  We had a delicious meal, the kids rode the zip line and played, and the ladies looked at the Black Friday ads (but I made no plans to go out!). 

My attempt at a nice picture on Thanksgiving...

Oh, and I almost forgot that the boys spent the morning fishing!

The big girls waiting patiently for dinner!


Riding the zip line…Abby was beside herself that I didn't let her join in!

Did I forget to mention we wrapped Thanksgiving with a lovely case of pink eye/conjunctivitis.  Thankfully we had drops on hand!

Fashionista going to Wal-Mart in jammies and boots.  Ha!

Accessorizing herself!

Friday, we did keep up our tradition of getting our Christmas tree!  The kids always have fun finding just the right one.  I managed to get our Christmas card pictures taken while we we at it, so win win!

I have rambled on long enough now...In summary, it was a great long weekend!  
Those 5 days off went faster than 5 work days, that's for sure!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Night Owl

This kid.  

Y'all he is over naps.  I can't remember the last time he took a nap at home, but he still naps at school.  It's a viscous cycle...he takes a nap, which means he isn't ready for bed and stays up too late, but then is sleepy the next day and naps again!  One night this week, I finally took him up the last time at 11:15!!!  I have no idea what time he actually fell asleep, because I am 99% sure I fell asleep first!  The next morning, I tried to go in to get them up, and he had made a pallet behind the door!  Tonight, he is fast asleep in the hallway at the top of the stairs…