Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy BEE-day!

Levi turned the big FIVE at the beginning of this month.  He has been loving our bees (and their honey...I find him in the pantry sneaking honey pretty often!), so he asked for a bee themed cake.  Of course, I turned to Pinterest and Google for inspiration.  It took me a while before I found what I was looking for.  I didn't want to settle for a large bee or a traditional hive looking cake...he knows our hives and wouldn't appreciate those.  Then, I stumbled upon an awesome tutorial on youtube and ended up with a cake I was pretty darn proud of.  Was it original?  No.  Was it what I was thinking (but even better?!)  YES!  Levi loved it, and I had a lot of fun making it, and even learned a few things along the way.  (Who knew you could use bubble wrap to decorate a cake?!)

He had a blast at his party.  We went to the local gymnastics place.  I think Levi loved the foam pit the best, and so did Abby!  I need to sign her up for classes...the party host teaches the 3 year old classes and was pretty impressed with Abby's "skills" as a 2.5 year old.  Haha!

Notice, there is a "queen bee" that is bigger than the others.  I hadn't originally made one, but Levi asked about her, so of course, she showed up!

This silly boy didn't even EAT ANY BIRTHDAY CAKE!!  

(I didn't get a good pic of the inside, but it is yellow and black striped!  I made the black cakes first and told Levi I needed to start over because I burned them...haha!)

Adding wings to the bees!

All my pics are blurry...he wouldn't stay still long enough!

Simple goodie bag with Honeycomb cereal!


Friday, October 21, 2016

Costa Rica (finally!!)

I finally got my CR pictures on my computer and uploaded!

The day started innocent enough...the kids were excited to wake up, even though it was a super early morning!  They were troopers as we checked in (and shuffled around some luggage as one bag was overweight!)  We settled in for some breakfast while we waited to board when we saw it...a delay!  Ugh.  They kept pushing our flight further and further back...eventually it became obvious we were going to miss our connection.  Unfortunately, there is only one flight from ATL to CR each day, so we were robbed of a day of our vacation from the get-go.  We took the option to go ahead and fly to Atlanta that day to minimize the potential of a repeat performance of delay out of Roanoke.  Throughout this, the kids were awesome.  Abby and I took a few walks to the car to grab some more diapers since we knew it would be over 24 hours until we were reunited with our luggage again!

Trying our best to make mad faces...she's too cute to do it, though!

Sending sad faces to Grandma who was already on her way down to Costa Rica!

Safety first!

Finding joy in delays...riding the train in Atlanta!

A nice airport police officer gave the kids some water bottles...she must have senses the frustrations of our day!

After we checked in to our hotel and Abby took a nap, we thought we'd take advantage of being in a new city, so we headed out to the Aquarium.  I am so glad we's a great place and the kids loved it!!  Def beats hanging in a hotel all afternoon!

Brave girl for trying...that's about as far as she made it, though!

What a happy moment...FINALLY on our way!!!

Hiking on the property..the boys are pointing at this ginormous tree, but can't really see it if you wanted to see them!

Dart frog!  We saw a lot more of these last time we were here, but we were excited to spot this one!

More hiking on the property!

This is Lake Arenal, which we could hike down to from the house.

This is the Arenal Volcano, which we would hike later in the trip!  We got a cool view of it on the way to our first adventure...ZIP-LINING!!

Levi opted to stay home with Grandma and his cousins...I think that was a great choice!  Ha!  Connor went with us, though, and had a blast!

He got to go solo on several of the rides and rode with a guide on some of the longer and faster ones!

Post zip-lining snacks (and drinks for those of us old enough...ha!)  I think he loved all the extra attention that day.

The next day, we headed out to hike the volcano.  Glad this guy was in good spirits because he totally got car sick on the way over.

All the kids had their hydration packs and hiking sticks (or ride, in Abby's case), and we were ready to set off!

Not going to lie...I was worried how this one would handle this.  I have to say, there was minimal complaining, and he hiked like a champ!  I am sure his little legs were tired!

At the peak!!  (Abby wanted to keep walking...ha!)

A natural adventure kid!  No complaints from this one!

Aaaaannnnddd...she's out!

We did the red trail (I think...ha!)

Pizza and chocolate milk post hike...YUM!

All the little cousins...Connor was too busy fishing!

And now we start our journey home...I was tempted to take a detour to the beach before heading to the airport, but I thought my mom would kill me.  We totally would have had time, though...we were at the airport hours before they even opened the check-ins!  Ha!

Stateside!  Such great little travel buddies!  Glad we have had the opportunity to take them on some FUN adventures!!