Monday, February 22, 2016

Best of Friends

I know it won't always be this way (although I hope it IS more than it IS NOT!!), but the boys are just best of friends right now.  Actually, all three of them get along great and have unique relationships.  Now, I am not pretending they don't fight, because we do have our squabbles, but we are really in a place right now where it's more fun than fight.

As I have mentioned before, the boys are sharing a room right now by choice.  The extra bedroom has become the lego room, and they have been spending a lot of time in there.  (They prefer Abby not to be in there with them, as they don't want her to mess up their creations.  But, the feeling is mutual, because she hates stepping on legos!!)  I love that they will read or talk after I tuck them in.  They are really into playing spies right now, too.  This is played with Dad…Mom apparently isn't cool enough!  Ha!  Connor has had several snow days lately, and he has been able to go visit Levi's class and read to them.  Apparently Levi took a long time to recover when his Bubba had to go back to his classroom, and he just cried for him.  Then, once he heard that Connor would be at his real school again, Levi was once again super bummed to know his Bubba wouldn't be with him again.  Daddy drops them off at school in the morning, but I get reports of super cute hugs and interactions at drop off time.  This weekend, we had to take two cars to church.  Connor rode with Dad and the littles with me.  When Levi and Connor saw each other in the parking lot when we got there, they ran and hugged each other like they hadn't seen the other one in a week!  They are both smitten with their sister and they give each other the sweetest hugs before bed.  It just warms my heart…and I want to document this so someday when they bicker constantly, I can remind myself how much they really do love each other!

Snuggles and silly faces before bed...

Happy to be OUTSIDE with decent weather.  COME ON, SPRING!

Lookin' sharp for church!

Ready for church…snack and milk for the car and donut money in hand!

Having fun at a birthday party for Bubba's friend.  Who knew they made shoes that fit her perfectly?  They all had a blast bowling!

 This lego was sitting in the middle of the hallway just waiting for me to step on it.  Good thing I noticed it first!

Dress up time during a snow day!

You can see how much he has grown…those used to be rolled up to fit him.  Now they are high waters!

Of course, she had to join in!

But insisted on a Super Hero like her brothers!

Random ice cream trip before dinner when daddy had a late meeting!

He got mint with sour worms or something gross sounding!

Mischief, that one!

The boys and I went to a VT Women's BBall game one weekend.  We wore maroon…2/3 of us were in Aggie gear, though!  Ha!

They gave away pink pom-poms because it was Valentine's Day.

SNOW DAY muffins.  Not pictured…SnowCream we had later in the day!

Enjoying a somewhat warm day.

This girl was an early jumper!

Last but not least…taking her baby for a walk before school!  She was styling and did all her accessorizing herself!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Connor's Neapolitan Milk Stout

I think I mentioned this in the fall, but Clay won Best in Show at a local home-brew competition.  Well, one of the perks of this was that his beer would be brewed at a local brewery.  Sadly, we were in Texas for Christmas when they actually brewed, so he didn't get to be there, but we found out recently it's now on tap at the brewery/restaurant!  My parents were in town last weekend, so of course we had to go check it out.  It was super cool to walk in and there was a banner hanging above the bar that talked about his beer!!  He tasted it and said they did a good job with it, so that made him happy.  Of course, Connor was THRILLED to know "his beer" was featured.  Anyway, it was a great night to go see check it out.  We can't wait to go back!

I wonder if they'll let me have this when they are done with it?!

Flight!  Trying out all the beers.


Abby was obsessed with looking at all the brew equipment!

2016 Christmas card contender…ha!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Oh, January.

January always starts so promising.  New year.  Clean slate.  Fresh start.  Last year, January brought me  sadness in way of losing my Grandpa.  This year, I found out a dear friend's 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with Cancer.  Another friend lost her dad.  Then, I again lost a grandparent in January…this time my Grandma.  My last remaining grandparent.  She was 97, and I am so very thankful for getting to see her at Christmas.  She was in a great mood, and I will treasure that forever.  January wasn't ALL bad, but it sure was good to flip the calendar to February.

Enough of the sad…here are some of the highlights of the month!

Not sure what inspired this, but apparently this is the new fashion trend…ha!

She is really into building towers right now...

I think this was from when she was home with an ear infection.  Hard to keep it all straight these days!

She learned this face from her brother!

My little assistant working hard.

In honor of Lauren and now my friend's daughter, I donated my hair.  This was the fourth time to do so!

Showing off our muscles after eating a big dinner!

Mom and dad are prepared for the potential big storm!

See…this is where she picked up that look!

Getting ready to play in the snow.  That's a chore!

Thankfully we only got about half of what they were calling for!!  Still a lot, though.

When you are cooped up in the house for several days, you begin to play games that might not always be permitted!

Abby and I were hanging out inside by this point!

During the snowy weekend, Abby came down with Hand Foot Mouth.  You can see one little spot on her tongue.  She had it really bad in her mouth (didn't eat for 3-4 days!!) and her hand was bad, especially the fingers she sucks on.

By Sunday (it started overnight Thurs night/Fri am), she was starting to get a rash all over.  Since I was leaving town a few days later, we took her in to get checked out.  My diagnosis was confirmed.  She told us not to be surprised if she loses some fingernails.  Well, that came true this week!  I'll spare you that picture, though!

My attempt to keep her from sucking on her fingers.  Lasted less than 5 minutes!

The after storm picture.  Haha…jk.  We had another bottle that was almost empty!

I went to Puerto Rico for work at the end of the month.  Made me smile to see my room number -- our anniversary!

The view from my room!

I snuck some beach time in in the evenings before we went out to dinner!

Ahh…Pina Colada!  I was preggo last time I was down there, I was excited about these.  This is called an "Old Fashion" which basically just has extra rum.  YUM.

Abby was doing MUCH better by the time I got home.  Her fingers looked better, but still yucky.

My first day back working at home, I got a phone call that Abby had a fever!  UGH!  She was just fine by the time I got her home, so not sure what was up with the "phantom fever" as I call it!

My assistant having her snack.  This helped her stay occupied during a conference call!

As I was changing out Levi's closet, lil sis insisted on trying on his clothes!

My parents were in town when I got home from PR.  They took the kids to a movie, so Clay and I headed out to the cabin to check on things.  Beautiful driveway!  I can't wait to see it in the fall!

We saw lots of tracks in the snow!  It was fun trying to figure out what everything was!!

Here's to February being better…and it's already a third of the way over, so I am behind times!