Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016

Well, this Easter did not go at all as planned!

First of all, this girl has grown up since last year.  SLOW DOWN, BABY GIRL!!

Ok...back to the weekend.

The Plan
Thursday -- take off work to do some last minute preparations for the weekend of company coming then road tripping to Pigeon Forge!
Friday -- taking friends on a tour of campus, followed by picking the kids up before lunch and hitting the road to meet some friends in Pigeon Forge.  We were super excited because we have never been there and we haven't seen our friends in 6 years!
Saturday -- day in Pigeon Forge and driving home in the evening.
Sunday -- Church (in our new cute clothes, of course!) and an Easter Egg hunt with friends.
Monday -- another day off!

{Go ahead and skip to the pictures if you don't want to read about tummy bug drama!}

The Reality
Thursday -- started out good.  New church clothes?  Check.  House picked up?  Check.  Laundry done?  Check.  Packing?  In process.  I kept Abby up to see our company.  Things went downhill from there.  When putting her to bed, I got a text from my friend saying her daughter had been puking since getting home from school.  Seriously, maybe 15 minutes hits Abby.  We were both covered.  We had company who had just arrived, so I snuck downstairs to give us a bath and figure out what to do next.  I decided to cover our bed with extra blankets and hunker down with her and a bowl.  Lol.  It was a long night, but she did great at getting it in the bucket the rest of the night, so that helped tremendously with clean up!  (Note:  this was not her choice...she kept saying "NO BOWL!"

 This was Abby and her BFF at pick up Thursday -- no wonder they both caught the bug!  Ha!  There were 2/10 kids still in class Friday!!)  

Friday -- Abby woke up feeling better, but we made the very hard decision to stay home.  The boys were disappointed, but took it in stride.  Clay took our friends on the tour of campus and Abby and I hung at home while the boys went to school.  Clay picked them up a bit early and took them to a movie where they ate their weight in popcorn.  Abby had a great day, so we went on a walk.  She still hadn't eaten much, but hadn't been sick since like 3 am.  As we were walking back inside from our walk, she got sick again!!  Thankfully that seemed to be a little fluke and not a repeat of the night before.  Friday I hardly slept listening for Abby,  but also wondering if the boys were going to wake up with it, too!

Happier girl. Until I told her No milk after she had just puked every  Lol.

Saturday -- Abby slept well, but woke up pretty rough Saturday morning.  She was just pitiful.  Wouldn't do anything but lay in my arms and kinda cry/wimper.  I asked her what was wrong and she said he mouth hurt.  She had a low grade fever by now, and I was convinced she had an ear infection again, so I made her an appointment for Saturday hours at the peds.  She fell asleep in the waiting room, which was a sign she was def not herself.  All signs pointed to "just a virus" when the doctor looked at her, but since she had complained about her mouth, they did a strep test just in case.  I almost told them not to even worry about it since I didn't want to torture her, but I am glad they did it because it came back positive!  Ugh!  She fell asleep again before leaving the dr. and then again as soon as we got home.  Thankfully after napping at home, she perked up a bit!  Things were good for a few hours until Connor started complaining of a belly ache.  Soon enough, we had victim #2 on our hands.  He got in bed before 6 and slept at least 12 hours, only getting up to get sick several times.

Pitiful girl...

Waiting at the Dr....

They made us wait too long!

Snuggles when we got home.  Much needed rest.
  Pitiful kid #2.

Sunday -- Connor woke up a new kid.  He wanted a chocolate bunny for breakfast...ha!  Reluctantly, we stayed home from church.  We had everyone feeling well and playing.  The Easter Bunny left the kids a note telling them that she left eggs with us to hide when everyone was feeling better, so we had a family hunt Sunday afternoon.  We cancelled more plans by not going to the Easter Egg hunt at a friends just in case we were still contagious.  Good thing because I woke up to Levi crying that night...victim #3!  Thankfully he seemed to have the most mild case and only got sick twice.

Easter clothes all ready for church.  )c:

 Apparently she had Easter and Ash Wednesday mixed up. Ha!

Levi wanted his picture taken in his hat from his girlfriend.

Abby tried on her pretty dress.

Easter Bunny came!!

They watch TV snuggled like this all the time.  (And yes, he still sucks his thumb when he's sad or tired.  He gets really emotional if you try to talk to him about it, so if anyone has a magic solution, ideas welcome!)


 Another one bites the dust!
Monday -- spent the day snuggling with Levi.  Although he wasn't sick again, he wasn't himself until after a nap (which he insisted on snuggling with me for...LOVE!)  Thankfully he perked up after the nap!

Phew. That makes me tired to write out.  Although it was not at all the weekend we planned on, we still had a Happy Easter and know we are truly blessed.  That being said, though, I am glad the sickness is behind us!

Just a few more Easter related pics!

Random Easter Bunny sighting at Wal-Mart! 

Cookies for Connor's class

Traditional bunny cakes!

Easter Egg hunt at school.  He took it serious!