Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Busy busy!

To say we have been busy lately is an understatement.  We recovered from our traumatic Easter (ha!) and have not stopped since.  I can't even remember what all we have done, but I know it included soccer games, Family night at school, lots of laughs, dinner with colleagues (Connor had Indian food for the first time and loved it!) and more.  Last weekend, we ran a race in Roanoke.  Let me back up…Clay has been preparing to run this half marathon.  I, on the other hand, was too chicken and was going to just cheer him on.  (The race is dubbed the toughest road half/marathon in the country, which explains why I had no desire!)  Well, the weekend before, I decided the heck with it, I'd run the 10K!  The course is uphill, literally for 2.5 miles.  Not super steep the whole time, but you run up this mountain called Mill Mountain.  But, then you get to run down it!  So, the first half kicked my butt, and the second half was kinda fun.  Oh, and one house along the course served mimosas.  You better bet I stopped and got one, even if I only had one little sip!  We both survived and I might even do it again next year!

Science Fair!  How could I forget that?!

Cute snuggly brothers!

Finally warm enough to get out Abby's Christmas gift!

Official sampler / black bean stealer

Snuggles with my loves!

Family night at PFES.  The boys left her, but she was perfectly content to sit there while I volunteered!

Working hard on the way up...

Made it to the top!

This is a landmark in Roanoke.  You can see it from pretty far away!

Enjoying the run a little more on the down portion!

This place only has 10 seats at the bar.  We must go there at least once!

The next day, we hosted Muster at our house.  This is our 4th year in the area for Muster, and our third to host it.  (We opted out two years ago when I was 39 weeks pregnant!!)  We had a great turn out and better weather than we could have asked for.  I think it's safe to say everyone ate way too much, but it was worth it.  This was also the first year we actually had a family member of a person who passed away attend.  If you know me at all, you know I was an emotional wreck when it came time for her to say her husband's name and light the candle.  I know she appreciated being welcomed with open arms, though.
Firing up the smoker!  We did two briskets, a turkey breast and chicken wings.

Most of the Muster gang!

Love that we have parking space for large groups.

Levi crashed at the end of the party with a fever.  Poor buddy was pretty rough off the next day.  G&G were in town and got to love on him, though!

Then, the next weekend, I did a Color Run with two of my friends!  We were dubbed the "PokeyMoms" which Connor found entertaining.  We had a blast!  It was very laid back race wise, yet such a fun atmosphere.  It was their first 5K for both my friends, and they did great!!  We stopped and walked a few times, but we stuck together and made it through!  I was proud of them.

That afternoon, we had both their families over for a cookout.  It was just a casual thing, but I figured since Abby's birthday is just around the corner and we were already having friends over, I may as well do a cake for her!  I had a hard time coming up with an idea, and the day before I settled on an owl!  She has owls in her room (and on her diapers!), and I am brainwashing her to be a Chi O (haha!), so it was a good fit.

NIce candle placement, hubby!  

She was amazed when the candles went out!  I love her expressions these days!  

This is random, but an every day ritual for Abby and her BFF.  They were born only 2 weeks apart,  but the way numbers fell at daycare, S moved up to the next room at the beginning of April, and Abby won't move until the end of June.  They miss each other bunches…they aren't even on the same playground these days, so I let Abby play with her for a bit every day at pick up!

Meanwhile, Connor started up baseball practice, and we have been juggling that and soccer.  We already said that next year we'll have him pick one or the other!  But for now, we'll make do!

He is definitely his father's son!  

Enjoying the sun and warm weather…finally!