Saturday, May 7, 2016

Two: A Birthday to Remember

Abby turned TWO last Sunday.  I don't think that has sunk in yet for this Mama!!

We didn't do a party for her or anything, but we did do a cake the weekend before, so she wasn't totally neglected.  Just don't feel the need to do a party at this age…it would be more for me than her!  Anyway, we did have some friends invite us over for a playdate on her actual bday.  (They had no idea it was her birthday…she gave me a hard time for not telling her!  Oops!)  Anyway, they have a little boy Levi's age and triplets that are about 18 months!  So, it was 7 kids 6 and under.  It was a bit chaotic, but fun.  I enjoyed getting to know her, as we see each other all the time at daycare, but hardly ever get a chance to really talk.  Plus, they live like a mile from us, so it's nice to have friends nearby!  Anyway, everything went really well until the end.  It was getting close to dinner time and the kiddos were getting tired.  One of the triplets ran toward the front yard/the road.  Then another.  Then Abby.  It all happened so fast that I honestly don't know what happened, but someone grabbed Abby's arm to keep her from running out front.  She didn't like that and started crying. Then I got her and she kept crying, but harder.  I thought at first she was upset for being told no, but I quickly realized this was a different cry.  And, she was holding her left arm with her right hand.  We said our goodbyes and hurried home to get Abby the icee she was asking for.  She was still crying.  I took her in and got some ice and sat on the couch with her.  She still was not settling down, though.  The boys were outside, so Clay and I decided I would run her to the Urgent Care around the corner and get checked out.  She was still holding her left wrist.  Well, we got there at 6:10 and they closed at 6, so it was off to the ER.  I am feeling terrible at this point that this is the way she is ending her birthday!!  Nobody likes an upset little one, so they got us checked in and through triage pretty quickly.  The did some x-rays on her wrist, but the triage nurse said it could be her elbow.  She would not move her arm on her own at all.  They gave us a private room and we settled in to wait for x-rays.  Everyone we met was super nice and took great care of her.  Our nurse even came and sat with us to blow bubbles.  That was one of the only times she stopped crying!  Eventually, the Dr. came in and said the x-rays looked great, and she thinks she had Nursemaid's Elbow.  Basically, this is your elbow getting pulled out of place.  It hurts me to even think back at these few moments, but she manipulated her arm (while she sat in my lap wailing) and said she felt it pop back into place.  With that, Abby settled into my arms again for about a minute, then she popped up and was as good as new.  She was reaching for the bubbles with that arm and smiling.  I am SO THANKFUL it was something minor that didn't even phase her after it was taken care of.  We could have done without those couple of hours of pain, though.

More about Abby these days in a later post…that already turned out way longer than I meant it to!  Hopefully no more ER visits on birthdays or ANY time really!

Birthday donut at church!

 Wearing her bday shirt from her BFF.

Since we had a bday cake the weekend before, I didn't plan on making a cake on her actual birthday.  We had an ice cream cake in the freezer from another party that I was going to use, but half of it melted when our freezer went out one time!  So, I was able to salvage half of it…not perfect, but tasty!

Heading to the playdate in our new shades!

She is thoroughly confused why her carseat is different. Ha!

Snuggling at the ER.  Not happy.

The moments right after the Dr. fixed her arm...

The next two pics are literally three minutes later.  Night and day difference!!

Waiting to blow this popsicle stand!

Just checking out the HIPPA policy as mom gathers our things for discharge!!  She's waving with the arm she wouldn't move when we got there!

Still not sure about this carseat situation…ha!

Her brothers were so concerned while we were gone.  We all stayed up a little late that night, but we were still able to have our cake!

 Birthday bath!   How is she two?!