Friday, June 10, 2016

Busy Bees!

This title has a dual, we really have been busy bees lately, but two, we have our own honey bees!!

We have some friends who got a couple of beehives a couple of years ago.  We thought they were fascinating and it was really cool to see all the honey they got from them.  Well, fast forward to this year, and we started playing around with the idea of getting some bees of our own.  And now, we have two beehives at the edge of our yard.  The kids love to go look at them and say "HI BEES!" when we walk or drive by them.  The other day, I went with Clay at lunch to check on one of the hives.  We have full bee suits to wear when working with them.  It's kinda a weird feeling because the net that goes around your face is very thin and you can hear and see them like there isn't a barrier between you.  Took me a minute to get used to!  I got my phone in camera mode before we went down there so I could take some pics with my gloved hand while he looked at the hive!

{Warning...if you have issues with bees, just move along don't want to keep scrolling!)

I thought that was a lot of bees...little did I know!

Blowing smoke on them helps them chill out a bit.

I am excited to get to extract honey and experiment with beeswax!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Way too long and overdue May update

I am obviously a blog slacker these days, but I want to be able to look back and remember the little things about this busy time in our life, so here it goes trying to catch up where I last left off!

Let's start with Fine Arts Night at school…Connor was proud to show us his art work, and he got to play a part in the program!

He sure loves his daddy!

So, although there is a bit of a mix-up of stories here, I thought he did a pretty good job describing his travel.  (We flew to Dallas when we were going to Lubbock, not Houston!)  Anyway, at the end when his teacher was helping him find a picture to put at the bottoms, he asked for her to search for an ATM {aTm to us!}.  She thought that was a weird request because he made no mention of going to a bank…she googled it and he told her that wasn't what he was looking for!  After talking about it again, she finally figured what he meant!  Ha!

We went out to the cabin one weekend when it was finally nice weather.  Thankfully we had a chainsaw or it would have been a short trip because we couldn't get up our driveway thanks to a recent storm!

3/3!  I'd call this a successful day!

Levi's favorite face to make!

Two year check up!  She was 60-something% for weight and like 95% for height!

Abby got a big girl bed for her birthday!!

Seeing her new bed for the first time!

She transitioned really well!  We got it on a Friday, and I left town that next Tuesday, so I was a little worried how she'd do, but she did great.

The boys are really loving board games right now!

Why does she look so big?!

Last soccer game!

We scored this bike for free from someone at school.  It's still a little big, but I have a feeling she will love it!

Shortly after that picture, she was running down a hill and tripped and ended up looking like this…

This pic is a little dark, but it's Levi leaving for school the day they went to the pool.  He wore his goggles all the way there!

Typical Saturday morning...

I was trying to find a baby gift and Abby decided she needed a bath!

Modeling her new outfit from Deb!

This is the end of year gift we made for Connor's teacher.  Both her kiddos play ball.

Connor was given the "Future President" award from his teacher.  One of the dads there asked if he can run in November…ha!  We absolutely loved his teacher this year.  We have gotten very lucky with fabulous teachers for Kinder and First!

We played a quick round of mini-golf after his awards ceremony.

I *may* have moved my office outside for a long afternoon meeting one day!

Our latest venture…bee keeping!  Here's to having our own honey!

Connor loves playing catcher!

 Last day of 1st grade!!  How do I have a second grader?!

 He has a little eye when he smiles like mama!

Playdate with the triplets!

The girls wanted nobody but Clay when it was time for us to go….they were both crying when anyone else was holding them.  It was too funny!!

 The big boys.  We had 8 kids 6 and under playing that day!

It's a miracle!  They are all sitting still!

 This was my best group shot…ha!

Late night Monopoly!

I was happy she actually wore her headband!  And I love the lighting on her eyes here!

Abby just adored our friend's daughter, and she was very sweet with her!

On Sunday, someone told Clay he saw his beer at Mellow Mushroom.  Of course, we had to go check it out for ourselves!

Memorial Day cutie!

We ordered the Mighty Meaty pizza!  (Don't judge…lol)  When we ordered it, the waiter kinda laughed and told us that the day before, someone had ordered the Might Meaty Vegan.  He asked her what she meant, and she wanted the vegan cheese (and something else…I don't remember what!) because "she doesn't eat animal products"  Yet, she wanted all the actual meat on it!  How's that for crazy?!

Trying Soduku puzzles!

Abby was helping me plant flowers and loved finding worms!

Don't let this sweet picture fool you…they were fighting 30 seconds before and after this pic.  Just keepin' it real.

First day of her new room.  Don't ask about the gloves…"Choose your battles" kinda thing.  She took them off as soon as I was done taking pics, of course!

 This poor gal has been a little bit under the weather.  We are not sure what's going on, but she has had fluid in her abdomen.  Hoping the meds they gave her are helping…she has been a little more like herself this week, so hopefully that's a good sign.  She turns 11 on Saturday!!

 Hope you had a Happy Memorial Day!