Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Puerto Rico!

I am skipping the Costa Rica update for now because I need to gather picture from places other than just my phone!

Just a few days after we got back from Costa Rica, Clay and I re-packed our bags and headed to Puerto Rico. My company has a manufacturing facility on the island, which I have visited a handful of times.  I always love going there, although we rarely have much free time.  So, things fell into place that we were able to go a couple of days early and Clay could join me!  He was finally able to meet one of my friends from work that he trades beers with often.  I knew they'd get along, and they did!  We took a trip to the rainforest and had a late lunch at a beach town.  It was fun to explore!  There was also time spent lounging at the beach and drinking pina colodas (for me) and beer (for him!)  Oh, and eating…there was plenty of eating!


The clouds were incredible up here.

Summit rewards!

I don't know...

I won $125 on quarter slots!!

Ahh…a little different than Galveston!

Not a shabby view for work!


Monday, September 19, 2016

Howdy, honey.

As I have mentioned, we have some really cool honey bees.  There are two hives, and both are doing well, but one definitely is producing more than the other.  We got to a point where they have made enough to make it through winter, even if we pulled some of it off.  So, we extracted a portion of the top box.  It was a learning experience for us, but oh so fun!  

Abby was dressed for the occasion!  

Taste testers!!  There were some sticky kids after this!

Working the extractor!

Absolutely beautiful!!

The *almost* finished product.  I still have to add labels, but we got 15 lbs of honey!  That's 30 of these little jars.  It's absolutely crazy to think about because I would have never guessed that's how much we'd get from looking at the frames we extracted from.

We struggled trying to think of a name.  We tried a couple of plays on our name or things based on the kids, but nothing jumped out at me.  So, I started trying to think of how I could pull Texas and/or the Aggies into it, and "Howdy, honey" popped into my mind.  It took a day for Connor to come around to it, but I like it!  (c:


Sunday, September 18, 2016


We had so much fun camping.  I am not going to lie…I was a little hesitant heading out.  It seriously rained ALL DAY the day we were leaving.  I kept checking the forecast, and it did not look good.  But, we had been planning it for several months, so we put on our patient pants and headed out.  We were meeting 5 other families from our church, and there were a total of 17 kids!  Abby was the youngest and the oldest was 16.  As odd as this may sound, it was actually a very relaxing weekend.  That's mostly because the kids were entertained the entire time.  Connor had a couple of friends his age that he knows pretty well.  There were two other boys Levi's age, but he doesn't really know them too well, so I was kinda nervous how they'd do, but it was great!  No drama!  Then, poor Abby…she was just starving for attention.  {Sarcasm font!}  There were a few jr. high girls that just doted on her and she ate it up.  It was incredibly cute.  Future baby-sitters for sure!

Each morning, the kids re-started the fire from the night before.  Watching their teamwork was really fun…I was quite impressed!

Last year vs. this year!!  LOVE

Naps…yeah, not so much.

Attempt at a group pic!

They crashed hard at night!

We were down a kid, but not too shabby!  Such a fun group!


Saturday, September 17, 2016


I am not sure how my first born is SEVEN.  I could go on and on about what a great kid he is, because he truly is.  As his mom, I know I am biased, but we hear it from others, too, so it's not just me.  (c:  He's a big-time reader and is in to Harry Potter right now.  He also loves Legos, food (spicy!), and all things sports. He would seriously play any and every sport if we let him.  He is very passionate about everything he does, too.  He bleeds maroon, loving the Aggies.  He can talk your ear off!

Anyway, we did his birthday celebration away from home for the first time this year.  I thought it would be easier.  And while overall, it was, the 2.5 hours during the party were overwhelming!  We were at the bowling alley.  They got to bowl, play laser tag and arcades.  Lots of activity and lots of kids to keep up with!  He had a blast, though, so it was worth it.

He asked for a Lego Star Wars cake, so I made a Luke Skywalker.  This was an adventure to say the least.  Clay helped me out a lot, because I had to have a way to brace the cake!  I somewhat followed a tutorial online for the figure, but we didn't have very good luck with the arms, so we were left scrambling at the end.  He loved it, though!

He picked Sushi for dinner!!  Only him and his daddy like that!

Oh yes…we busted out our bowling league shirts from ~8 years ago for the party.  Ha!!

Love that smile!!  Here's to another great year!


Whew.  I can't believe it's been 2 months since I last blogged.  We had a BUSY summer.  Clay's parents were here (living next door) for July and August.  I went to Morgantown.  We went camping.  Connor turned 7.  School started.  Birthday party.  Family trip to Costa Rica.  (Including an unplanned excursion in Atlanta!)  Work/grown-up trip to Puerto Rico.  Soccer (times two) started.  Baseball started.  Makes me tired just thinking about it all.  September and October are shaping up to be quite busy, too!!  I think I'll hibernate all winter.

In the meantime, I'll try to catch up with some picture posts…

Checking on our bees.  Our honey girls are busy!  I'll save a full update for another post.

That's some pretty honey!!

Who doesn't love a hammock!?!

LOL.  No words.

The theme of one of Connor's summer camps was cooking…they made pizza in class, so he wanted to make some for us!

 We took Clay's parents out to the cabin and discovered TONS of wild blackberries!

Hard to tell in this pic, but all those bushes behind us are covered!  Clay and I went back sans kids to pick!

Not bad!

 Yes, that is my husband dressed in a chicken costume, and yes, we are downtown.  Long story, but it was a fun afternoon/night!  Lol.

We got lots of attention walking down the street.

Early morning visit to Deb and Pop next door!

Abby is into folding towels and blankets.  She is such a good little helper!  (Side note:  today, Clay was taking the trash out.  It was a pretty full bag, so was kind of slow coming out of the can.  Without prompting, she went over and pulled on the can so the bag would come out.  Then, after helping him take it outside, she came in and went straight to the pantry to get out a new bag!)

Mama took a trip to Morgantown and took my bike for an evening ride.  Clay had sent me a pic of the kids, so I responded with this.  (c:

Happy to have Mommy home!  Notice how sweaty Connor gets playing at school!  Ha!

My littlest helper.  Yes, we have matching aprons.

In anticipation of hiking in Costa Rica, we dusted off the kid carrier backpack.  She loved it!

We took a few "practice" hikes so the boys would be prepared for walking.  I really think that helped Levi!

Abby and her BFF!

Getting ready for school!

Post rain play.  We tried out a new local brewery.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear…her favorite book!

First crop of peppers!

Pickling peppers with boiled eggs.  This was something we experimented with last year and they are delicious!!

First day as a second grader!  He picked the "sporty" outfit over the plaid shorts and polo I wanted!

Goalie gloves for his birthday!  He wants to follow his mama's footsteps!

Blurry mid-hike pic, but I love her smile.

Having your own water makes hiking more fun!

Post hike popsicle.  I just looked at Levi's outfit wondering how he ended up in that, but realized it was orange day at school!

Snuggling her baby!

Watching daddy shoot at the cabin!  She LOVES going out there!

Chipping away at catching up…!