Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sorry, November

My poor neglected blog!!  Going to try to back track a bit and catch up!

After Levi's birthday, November saw back to back visits from Grandparents!  Clay's parents were here, then my parents came the day after they left!  Thanks to this, Clay and I were able to get out to the cabin to do some hunting together!  This was the first time we had hunted together since before Connor was born, so it was fun.  As usual, though, I'll let the pictures tell the story...

These were Connor and Levi's thanksgiving shirts my mom made a few years ago -- hooray for not putting names on things so they can be worn again!  (Sorry for the bad quality pic...I uploaded the wrong one and am too lazy to fix it!)

Levi made his thank you cards for his birthday!

This was in the backyard by the play set...sadly NOT seen while hunting!!

Blurry pic, but we were laughing because there weren't too many swaggerwagons at the Avett Brothers concert!  Fun date night while the kiddos stayed with Deb and Pop!

Keepin' it classy at IHOP.

Ditto Levi!

Taking full advantage of sitters, Clay and I headed out to the cabin to hunt!  I stayed one night, and he stayed a few more!  It was COLD!!!

Ready to go!


Random trip to sweet frogs!

Reading stories before bed, we were talking about this quilt Abby got as a baby.  Without me telling her, she told me she got it from Ms. Julie.  That made me smile...if only she knew Ms. Julie like Connor did, she'd know first hand just how special she is.

Piggies just like her baby!

Pinterest breakfast, thanks to Grandma!

Levi looks like he partied a little too hard the night before!

Going Christmas tree shopping has become a Black Friday tradition the past few years!  My parents happened to be with us, so they joined in!

We found the tree!

Silly kiddos love being able to run around and enjoy the farm!


Never lose your sweet heart, please!!

My crazy loves!

I got a new jacket for hunting...haha.  Don't worry...the hood was removed right after the selfie!

Another cold day in the woods.  I saw a few deer, but didn't have a shot on any.  Thankfully, Clay got a couple in the extra days he was there, so we have meat in the freezer!

Next up...the ever busy month of December!!



Julie said...

Oh how precious, Abby melted my heart! Thank you!
Love you all so much!

Jennie said...

Your part of the country is so beautiful!! We need to visit. :) the kids are precious, as always, and very cool you hunt with Clay. I tried once with James but was quickly informed I was "way too loud" when I breathed, moved, turned the page of my book, etc...

Jan Larson said...

loved the update...especially since I hadn't seen most of the pic already! xoxo