Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The rest of Feb!

Ok...last post and I think I am pretty much caught up.  After Mexico, it was crunch time...we closed 10 days later on the new house!  What I didn't count on was strep throat for Abby or double ear infections for Levi.  Seriously?!

Little Miss wasn't feeling good the day after  we got home...and the day our help left!  They confirmed strep...I was honestly surprused it wasn't her ears!

Working from the couch while my assistant watches Peppa!

Blaket monster!!

As I mentioned in another post...Abby is into picking out her clothes. This outfit was a doozie!

Might be getting too big...haha.  I have told him to stop growing, but he doesn't listen!

I *may* have bribed our kiddos and the neighbors with ice cream for picking up all the Legos.  Even with buying 5 ice creams...I came out ahead in that deal!

These neighbor kiddos have made moving bittersweet.  We will def miss having them right behind us!!
Enjoying the trampoline before Daddy took it apart to move!

Back to the peds!  We hadn't been there in MONTHS and were now back twice in one week.  Levi woke up the night before inconsolably crying because his ears hurt so bad.  Thankfully Ibuprofen took the edge off, and he was back to his silly much I was actually doubting myself about bringing him in.  You could definitely tell when the medicine started wearing off, because the pain would pick right back up!

We opted to rent a Penske and move all the boxes and non-furniture items ourselves to save some money.  It worked out really well.  We used two men and a truck for the furniture and could not have been happier -- they were GREAT!

Closing day!!  Abby and Levi saw the house when Connor and Clay were in Texas, so this was Connor's first time here.

Looks a little different now that we have moved our stuff in, but I don't have any after pictures yet, as there are still tons of boxes!

This picture doesn't do the kitchen's great!

Penske truck selfie...I learned how to drive a big truck!  We live up a pretty good mountain, so it was interesting getting the momentum to get up the road!

The reward for all our hard work...the sunrise our first morning in the new place.  The view has not gotten old...and I don't see that happening, either!  Also can't wait to try out the fire pit!

This girl was a big helper almost three year old fashion.  Connor was a great helper, too!

Taking a walk in our ginormous backyard!  We can pick up a trail in the national forest from our yard.  Pretty cool!

Phew.  Marathon blogging session is over.  I am in  Morgantown this week...glad to have a free night to catch up!!


MEXICO, baby!!

Yes, in the middle of the the crazy busy time of trying to move, Clay and I took a long weekend in MEXICO!!  We met some of our good friends who it had been way too  long since we had seen them. (We were supposed to see them in Tennessee last Easter, but we were downed with Tummy Bug 2K16 and missed out!)  They live in Cali, so it's not really that easy to make plans together!

Anyway, we had a blast.  And, there were some busy bees at our house packing up boxes while the kids were at school, so double win for us!  (THANKS, MOM AND DAD!!)

Kicking off the trip right with drinks in CLT the night before our flight!

Thankfully not our flights...We almost sent this to our friends as a joke.  Good thing we didn't because they actually ended up having a really stressful morning with their flight being cancelled and United automatically rebooking them 24 hours later.  Thankfully they discovered this and were able to get to the airport where there connection was and get on their original connecting flight.

Don't mind if I do!

Love this guy!

We made it to our room!  Each room has THIS:

Waiting for our friends!!

There were concerts every fun!

We took a scuba trip one morning.  It ended up basically us having a private catamaran for the morning, as the excursion was just the 4 of us.  After some time checking out the fish, they took us to a bay where we could just hang out in the water and drink the beverages they provided!

The hotel that the excursion left from had a dolphin area.  While it was really cool to see them, it also made me sad they were in a pool and didn't have that much room for the 5 or so of them that were in there!

Someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot to take my picture actually climbing the wall!

We thought we were being all smart and proactive by going down early to these little cabana things and putting stuff out to claim one.  Apparently they didn't work that had to reserve them for $200 a day!!  And they had been booked since December.

Oh well...we found a decent spot!

 Deep thoughts with Jack Handy.

Last morning!

BOOOO to leaving Mexico, but happy to get home to our littles, too!!

I had to send this pic to  my friend.  There was a bar tender at one of the pool bars where we hung out that loved to make something called a guacamole shot.  He also really loved us and if he heard anyone say the word "Guacamole" (even not talking to him!), he would make more and more and more!  Made for a fun afternoon.


Rewind -- January

Still trying to catch up from my slacking...

The boys did really well putting all their Christmas Legos together!  Ok, I may have helped Levi, but he still did great helping!

Connor insisted on helping cook dinner!  He'll be like his daddy and know his way around the kitchen!

He also insisted on staying up until midnight for NYE this year!


New Year's Day brunch!  It was delicious and check out those chocolate milks!! Oh, and you can barely see it, but Levi was practicing his writing on the menu.  Totally on his own, he kept writing "beer"  Haha!!!

A FB memory popped up during bath time, so I had to do a side by side!

I was wearing some LLR leggings, so Abby wanted to wear her "soft pants" too!  I took a pic so I could send it to the friend who gave them to us, and she was taking a pic with her phone, too!

Sweet gift from a sweet friend!

SNOW!  We had one decent snow in January, which was perfect for me!

One of my favorite pictures!

Putting the kids (and neighbor kids!) to work cleaning off cars!

Connor asked to make up a soup recipe and this was the end result.  We really let him take the lead, and only helped him with some of the measurements.  It honestly turned out delicious!!

Winter skies are beautiful!

Abby is into picking out her clothes these days...she was quite trendy this morning and wanted a photo session.
Playing with our food!  Learning, too.  (c:

Connor has been working on his cursive.  Or, maybe he's trying to forge my signature??

This kid spent a lot of time in the kitchen in January!!  Here, he's helping Clay make cheese with a cheese kit he bought with one of his Christmas gift cards!


Our first french braid!!

 More snugglers!

We also got a sausage stuffer with Christmas gift cards...this was the jalapeno venison sausage we made.  The kids gobbled it up!

Abby was dressed up as a firefighter one day, so our neighbor made a matching outfit for her dog!

Apparently Daddy was tired!  haha

Connor and Clay took a weekend trip to Texas to see Clay's grandparents.  It's hard for us to get there when we get home, so it had been a couple of years since we had seen them, so he thought it'd be a fun little trip for the two of them to take.  Minus getting sick one night, Connor had a great time!

Mama was a little stressed as they were flying home.  It was REALLY foggy in ROA.  We were waiting for their flight and they hadn't landed when they were supposed to.  At one point, I saw a plane looking like it was taking off right outside my was their flight aborting a landing attempt!!  I took a screenshot of their flight tracker ...I also was texting my BFF and her hubby who manages a local airport...I was asking him to see if he could listen in on anything and give me updates to what was going on!  Thankfully they were able to land safely and didn't have to get diverted anywhere, but I still wonder if they really should have made that landing.  EEKS!

Well, that is MOST of January.  What I haven't mentioned is that we also spent the month looking at a house across town, and ended up making/negotiating an offer the weekend Clay and Connor were in Texas.  That kicked off a whirlwind few weeks of all things related to moving.