Wednesday, March 8, 2017

MEXICO, baby!!

Yes, in the middle of the the crazy busy time of trying to move, Clay and I took a long weekend in MEXICO!!  We met some of our good friends who it had been way too  long since we had seen them. (We were supposed to see them in Tennessee last Easter, but we were downed with Tummy Bug 2K16 and missed out!)  They live in Cali, so it's not really that easy to make plans together!

Anyway, we had a blast.  And, there were some busy bees at our house packing up boxes while the kids were at school, so double win for us!  (THANKS, MOM AND DAD!!)

Kicking off the trip right with drinks in CLT the night before our flight!

Thankfully not our flights...We almost sent this to our friends as a joke.  Good thing we didn't because they actually ended up having a really stressful morning with their flight being cancelled and United automatically rebooking them 24 hours later.  Thankfully they discovered this and were able to get to the airport where there connection was and get on their original connecting flight.

Don't mind if I do!

Love this guy!

We made it to our room!  Each room has THIS:

Waiting for our friends!!

There were concerts every fun!

We took a scuba trip one morning.  It ended up basically us having a private catamaran for the morning, as the excursion was just the 4 of us.  After some time checking out the fish, they took us to a bay where we could just hang out in the water and drink the beverages they provided!

The hotel that the excursion left from had a dolphin area.  While it was really cool to see them, it also made me sad they were in a pool and didn't have that much room for the 5 or so of them that were in there!

Someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot to take my picture actually climbing the wall!

We thought we were being all smart and proactive by going down early to these little cabana things and putting stuff out to claim one.  Apparently they didn't work that had to reserve them for $200 a day!!  And they had been booked since December.

Oh well...we found a decent spot!

 Deep thoughts with Jack Handy.

Last morning!

BOOOO to leaving Mexico, but happy to get home to our littles, too!!

I had to send this pic to  my friend.  There was a bar tender at one of the pool bars where we hung out that loved to make something called a guacamole shot.  He also really loved us and if he heard anyone say the word "Guacamole" (even not talking to him!), he would make more and more and more!  Made for a fun afternoon.


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