Wednesday, May 24, 2017

That time again...

Well, I am in Morgantown again this week, so that must mean it's time to update the ol' blog.  I think I left off with us moving into the new house.  We are pretty well settled in now, and thankfully under contract on the old one!  We do miss our old neighbors, but our loving the new place!

So, what have we been doing since February?  Connor and Levi had soccer season, and baseball is underway for Connor now.  We got chickens and have had a bear visit the backyard a few times.  (We haven't seen it...just pictures from the trail camp!)  We had company for Easter and went to Muster (where we met some Aggies who live on our street!)  I went back to Puerto Rico and we did the Blue Ridge 10K/half marathon.  Abby turned three (!!!) and today was the last day of 2nd grade for Connor.

Starting with a few pics of the new house....

Love all the natural light in here!

Abby's room before we got her curtains hung!

Some happy little kiddos that they have a playset again!

Our sunrise view!

And for a few other random pics...

Aggie and I took a walk through the woods during lunch...a great little mid-day break!

This little boy LOVES his Aggie-dog!

Abby's teacher called one day to tell me she fell and bumped her head and had a decent size goose egg.  She mentioned "size of a quarter" but you may be able to see from this pic, the bruise was maybe the size of a quarter, but the actual goose egg was WAY bigger! They said she only cried a minute or two and thankfully she wasn't phased by it, but sheesh!

I was usually too busy stressing out cheering Connor on to take many pics at soccer, but I was proud of this little guy playing goalie this year. He loved it and takes after his Mama!

We lost one of our hives due to a later cold snap, so we extracted all their remaining honey.  We got 45 lbs of honey, which was close to 5 gallons! This kids love sampling it!

We planned a picnic one afternoon, but it rained, so we moved it into the barn!

Our girls...Margerie, Maisy, Lexi, Lucy, Rachel and Rita.  Don't ask me who is who, though!