Tuesday, August 1, 2017

and July!

July started with our trip to Texas.  Daddy stayed home this year to work on a grant that was due that month.  So, the littles and I flew down to meet Connor.  They were great little travel buddies, and we had a fairly uneventful trip.  We were VERY HAPPY to be reunited with Connor...boy, had we missed him!

Parading it up for the 4th of July (on the 3rd, oddly!)

I'd like to do a little hunting in my parents' yard!

Me and my mini-me!

 Hanging with the Garvey family!

Making the wineberry jam!

Clay's parents brought us on of her dad's guns, which we taught Connor to shoot.  It was a bit of a struggle at first, mainly because he's smaller than us and the gun is a bit big for him.  However, he stuck with it and finally figured out the scope, etc.  It was so cool to see it click and then to see his excitement of checking the target!

Keeper camp!

Abby loving her field trip to the pool!

Picnic at the cabin...complete with cheeto fingers!

Phew!  Finally feeling a bit caught up. I am sure my mom has tons more pics of our Texas trip, but this should do for now!


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