Tuesday, August 1, 2017


June was another busy month.  Not as many pictures as May, but a lot of big things went on!  We started the first week celebrating Aggie turning TWELVE!  

We also grew our furry family with two new kittens!  Meet Cookie and Ginger!  They will hopefully help with rodent control as they get a little bigger and spend more time outside and down at the barn!

There were more baseball games!

And Abby started Gymnastics!!  She has had a lot of fun and is doing a great job!

More shootin'...
 ...and more time in the kitchen for this guy!

We finally confirmed that the bushes in our garden area are blueberry bushes and they did really well!  We picked a ton...made cobbler, blueberry lemon bread and blueberry infused vodka!!  The cobbler is in the freezer, so I cannot confirm how yummy that is, but the bread and vodka were both delicious.  (I mixed the vodka with lemonade...it was dangerously delicious!)

I love our sunrises!

Daddy went to Colorado for almost a week...we *may* have had ice cream for dinner one night!  Making memories!

Connor was THRILLED to discover our first eggs!

Big month for this kiddo...he got to fly to Texas all by himself!!  We drove him to Charlotte (he could only take a direct flight at his age) and Clay loaded him on the plane, and my parents were there to pick him up at the gate in Houston.  As I expected, he had no problems at all.  He had some sad siblings at first!

Someone was already missing his brother!

Exploring a park in Charlotte while Daddy gets Connor on the plane.

"Helping" mom make poppy seed bread.  I love the progression!

We discovered a new (to us) berry in our backyard...wineberries.  They are delicious!!  Abby was eating them faster than we could pick them.  We also tried our hand at wineberry jam and another cobbler.


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