Tuesday, August 1, 2017


We kicked off May with Abby's birthday!  Started off with dinner at BWs.  

Off to the Dr for her check up!

Being silly.  She checked out perfect and we celebrated no shots!!  Ugh...next year is the worst!

Little Miss requested a Peppa Pig cake.  I had a lot of fun creating this!!  It was actually one of my easier cakes...ha!

With her BFF at her party!

We hiked the cascades.  Abby did really well and hiked longer than I expected before asking to ride in the backpack. It was pretty chilly that day!

The trail guide...

This kid was a trooper!!  I really expected him to whine or complain and he didn't...what a rockstar!

We made it!!  We were all freezing by this point...worked up a sweat on our way up, then stopping brought a chill!

Connor loves to cook...he made taco salads one night!

A family favorite activity...shooting the BB gun!

 Last soccer game.  We had a fun season!

 Last game for this little one, too!  He had a great season.  Abby is ready to play in the fall!
 Special Mother's Day art...my fave!

Mother's Day lunch at Red Robin.  We had been getting some things done at the old house and found out we had a crazy bird there.  It kept flying into the Master Bedroom window.  That was all marked up and the deck was covered in poop from this poor distressed bird.  So, after church, we went to eat while daddy went and did a little hunting.  Ha!  

 Another delicious meal from Connor!  Crispy Cheddar Chicken, green beans and rice!

Ok, so I have to write this story down so I remember it.  One day, Clay was getting ready to go to the store and Abby said she wanted what we thought was blueberries.  Well, when he got home and I showed her...meltdown!  Apparently it was NOT blueberries she wanted.  She told me, "NO!  They are BLACK!"  So, I was thinking blackberries.  The next day, I went to the store with her and showed her blackberries and asked if that's what she wanted.  NOPE.  Not that either.  She kept showing me with her hands they are small and she was saying they were black.  We were in the produce section trying to talk through it while I looked around to figure out what in the heck she wanted.  We were standing there, she pointed to the crouton bag and said "THOSE!"  I was really confused how that was croutons she was describing, but she corrected me again...not the croutons...she was pointing to the OLIVES in the picture of the salad on the crouton bag!  We had finally figured it out!!  I was really impressed that she saw the picture and recognized the olives as what she wanted!
 Homemade cinnamon rolls...OMG.  These were delicious!

Bittersweet.  One last weekend of playing at the old house with the neighbors while Clay and I finished up some last minute things before closing.  I think Clay was happy that was his last time to mow!

So exciting to see the sold sign, but also a bit bittersweet.  We did love that house, but we also love the new one, and it is better for us in the long run!

A couple of last pics at the house...I loved that yard!

 Abby put on eye shadow when I was getting ready for church one morning!

 Our little graduate!!!  Ahh...he is going to miss the green room.  He loves his teachers!  They named him "Most Compassionate" which is really sweet.

Little Miss was not herself that afternoon and we knew something wrong with her when she refused to touch her mandarin oranges at Red Robin.  Just a few minutes later, she started puking.  (Sorry, fellow RR customers...at least we were on the patio!)  We had a long night that night...she was pitiful.  Kept spiking a high fever that would shoot up, then drop back down on it's own.  I decided to take her in to Saturday hours the next day...so glad a did.  After we had our first experience of peeing in a cup, we confirmed she had a raging UTI, which was very close to turning into a kidney infection.  She got a TERRIBLE shot and an antibiotic along with instructions to go to the ER if she wasn't better within 24 hours.  It was a looooong 24 hours, but right at the 24 hour mark, she perked up! I was so relieved!!

We have found 4 or 5 turtles in our yard this year.  Very cool!

Beginning vs. end of school!


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