Wednesday, August 1, 2018

July 2018

We spent the night in Houston and woke up the first day in July ready to cruise!!

We are off!!  These kids were troopers...we had a lot of late nights the week leading up to the cruise!  Levi fell asleep on the balcony and Abby in the room before the Muster drill.  When we had to go to Muster, Levi woke up, but Abby was still konked out, so I just carried her panties!  haha! 

I didn't take too many pictures on the trip.  I didn't carry my phone much, so I don't have too many pictures, but I have a few! 

Shenanigans at dinner...

Such beautiful BLUE water!!

Our ship from afar!  I'll have to get some pictures from our first two stops from my mom...Roatan and Belize!  We visited Monkeys and Iguanas in Roatan and cave tubing in Belize! 

In Cozumel, the kiddos opted to stay on the boat and go to kids camp / stay with Grandma and Grandpa.  We took a quick walk into town to the grocery store.  We stopped a cute little cafe/bar for a drink on the way back!  They even had a pet pig!!

Connor loves to learn!  He took a class on towel folding, and this was one of his creations! 

When we got home, this gal was MIA for a few days.  We were elated when she showed back up!!

Post cruise, back to All Stars.  Connor was complaining of a sore throat.  We ended up with a late night trip to urgent care.  His throat looked horrible, but the rapid strep test came back negative.  We still treated him for strep and thank goodness we did, because the culture they sent out came back positive!  We had to get him well before the state tourney!!

My mom and I took Connor to Blackstone, VA for the Dixie State Tourney.  Although they didn't do as well as hoped, they had a great time.  It was a hot, but fun weekend. 

I was representing with our tent...

Someone didn't want his picture taken!

Blackberry picking at the cabin.  Well, SOME of us were picking berries...others were having fun playing in the hammock! 

We have been enjoying evening strolls through the neighborhood! 

Summer nights are just the best!!

Swing picture overload, but I just loved her expressions!

Another big thing happened in July...Abby moved on from her beloved Monkey blankie!  She had been gifted two new ones, which I honestly thought she would reject.  However, when we were leaving for the cruise, we suggested leaving her special blankie here so it wouldn't get ruined. Well, by the time we got back, she had moved on and didn't really want it anymore!  Good thing because that thing was on it's last legs!

And now it's August!!  Where has summer gone?!  School starts two weeks from today!! 

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